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Croissant One Font Free Download

This fancy display typeface is called a croissant one. Parisian people & landscapes were used as inspiration. This elegant font family was designed by Eduardo Tunni.

It features an ideal texture for every primary need under a single regular style. Croissant one is a comprehensive typeface as it includes uppercase, lowercase letters, numerals, punctuation marks, and special characters.

A smooth tubular look is presented by the lowercase lettering schemes. Almost every glyph has a nice lengthy outstroke to connect it, which is reminiscent of French handwriting.

There is a classical texture to the uppercase letters, as well as soft terminals. This typeface embodies the spirit of its multipurpose nature. This perfect font variation will allow you to adjust its size to your specifications.

Croissant One Font

There is a common baseline for all the characters. In addition, its layout and texture are more readable than some handwritten typefaces. Here’s a font letter map that you can view for more info.

This font is 100 percent royalty-free. Matiz, Candal, and Magra fonts are similar to this. As this font supports multiple languages, including Afrikaans, Zulu, Latin, and many more, it is becoming increasingly popular every day.

The fact that this font is licensed under SIL’s Open Font License means that this font can be used both personally and commercially. It’s best used for headings because of its tall uppercase letters.

An emphasis is placed on slab serifs, and its thick, blocky serifs give it a minimal handwritten feel. The terminals of its serifs can be either flat and blunt (Rockwell) or round and rounded (Courier).

Meet your design needs with this font, especially in such areas as magazine covers, book covers, logo designs, brochure designs, banner layouts, text layouts for books, printing cards, etc.

Moreover, as Google Fonts has also added it to their list of fonts, this highlights its importance. Although this fancy headline typeface works well in Mac as well as in Windows, it is perfect for a variety of projects.

The croissant typeface will accompany you on your journey. Download it today. I hope it will be loved by you. You are welcome to share your experiences below.

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