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Corona Font Free Download

Let’s talk directly… this is a new amazing font family for everyone. I believe ‘Corona’ will be an excellent option to set your next design and brand apart from all the other options out there.

Fancy fonts are cool, but Corona’s mix of classic font styles and modern lines makes it the perfect choice for projects in need of a little variety. At the same time, it looks fantastic even on smaller displays and in social media posts.

Corona Font Family

The hand-crafted design of this typeface greatly underscores the detail and quality of its construction. At any size, each letter remains easy to read due to a careful consideration for legibility. This is one feature that makes this typeface stand out from all others.

Bold, loud, and thought-provoking, the typeface is a work of art. The melding of shapes makes for a sexy layout in the large type. A real attention-getter.

If you wish to use this font for commercial purposes then you will have to buy the license for it. This will allow you to explore a broad range of opportunities for its usage. You can use it in books, manuscripts, magazine articles, wedding card designs, invitations, and business letterheads. The font is also ideal for making website templates and game designs. You can freely download it after completing the payment process.

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