Core Sans AR Font Family Free Download

Core Sans Ar Font

Core Sans Ar is a font family that is part of the Core Sans family series. This font family has clean, simple, and easily readable letterforms.

You can use this typeface in your book covers, web pages, screen displays, logo designs, shop/store names, banners, titles, reports, documentation purposes, brochure layouts, and many more.

Core Sans AR Font Family Free Download

Core Sans Ar Font
Core Sans Ar Font

Core Sans Ar is a font in the Core sans family. Core Sans brings a new expression to the Sans category with its distinctive and simple lines that are contemporary yet reminiscent of calligraphy.

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Core Sans is a sans serif family with 8 styles: Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, Extra Bold, Extra Light, Heavy and Black. It has a wide range of applications in user interfaces, information displays, branding, and logotypes.

Core Sans works well in various graphic design scenarios. Its prominent characteristics are balanced shapes & counters that make it ideal as an interface font for small sizes that require high legibility. The font can be used to create a variety of effects when used in large sizes or on backgrounds.

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Its large x-height makes it highly readable in small sizes while it maintains a contemporary style that looks good in large sizes. It was designed to be used at small sizes (below 18px) but can also be used at larger sizes like headings and display typography because of its larger counters.

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