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This old-style, condensed typeface uses different calligraphic scripts that provide a great shine. It is excellent for resembling old writing.


The Condensed font makes the document look more stylish and professional because its structure is cleaner and more straightforward, and there is more space between the letters. It provides a more modern twist than traditional calligraphy while still incorporating traditional design elements. It’s perfect for headlines and posters.


The Condensed font is perfect for headlines and posters. Using a combination of old and new, the typeface provides a modern twist on traditional design elements.


The Condensed font is a font that exudes power, prestige, and class. It will give your headline or poster a modern twist while maintaining the look of traditional calligraphy.


The Condensed font is a modern take on the traditional calligraphy style. Made for headlines and posters, it’s perfect for graphic designers.


The Condensed font is the perfect headline and poster font. It combines modern and traditional design elements to create a well-rounded professional font that’s great for signage, invitations, and business cards.’


The condensed typeface is perfect for headlines, posters, and more. Its modern twist on traditional calligraphy offers a stylish option for designers.


The Condensed font is a typeface designed by a team of highly skilled professionals. It is the product of years of study in the art and science of typography.


This is a condensed, modified version of our signature font, Scriptina. It is a beautiful script font that mimics the majestic hand-written calligraphy of antiquity.


Scriptina Pro is the bolder and more sophisticated version of our popular Scriptina font. It’s a beautiful script font that mimics the majestic hand-written calligraphy of antiquity.


This is a modified version of our signature font, Scriptina. It is a beautiful script font that uses gorgeous lines and natural shapes.


This is a fork of our signature font, Scriptina. It looks like a calligraphic script from antiquity, with modern computer refinement, and comes in all the flavors a font can muster.


They provide the perfect blend of style and sophistication. They have a distinguished elegance that is both classic and contemporary.


These designs portray the perfect balance between elegance and creativity and combine classic with contemporary style.


Create the perfect setting for your event with stylish and sophisticated lighting. Our elegant designs are both classic and contemporary to fit your preferred style.




Due to its clean texture, you may easily use this awesome font for the ambitious heading, ebook covers, brand designs, cloth printing, official cards, unique emblems, etc.

  • Apps
  • Event and conference spaces
  • App design
  • Annual reports
  • Museum exhibitions
  • Trailers
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Public transportation navigation
  • Directories
  • Stadium branding

That stylish font has a popular texture, which can also be used in font pair conditions like the hack font. That’s why each clothier treated it as a perfect font.

Font Details

   Name Collegiate Font  

  Style Display  

  Designer ShyFonts  

  File Format OTF, TTF  

  License Free for Personal Use  

  Type Free Version  

  License Information

Collegiate is an entirely free font that you can use in your graphic designs. There is no need for any license, signup, or regurgitation to use this font for your personal use. However, if you would like to use it for commercial purposes, you must buy it or contact the author for permission.


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Font Family Includes

  • Collegiate ExtraBold
  • Collegiate Bod
  • Collegiate Regular


Like with {gills sans font free download} or {termina font free download } . With this awesome cool texture, you can create covers, posters, adobe photoshops, t-shirts, and many other places.


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