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Cocogoose Font Free Download

The Lamborghini represents power and success as it was created to be the ultimate supercar. There’s something exciting and rich about it.
The Linotype Neue typeface, created by Johannes Stoetter and Johannes Kübler alternate design in 1941 combines extensive language support with a neo-grotesque sans-serif appearance. And it’s available in its completed form since 1994.

Cocogoose Font Family

The bold text of the Cocogoose font family balances its thin strokes, giving the impression of neatness. The elegance of the font is slightly weakened by the jagged edges of its serifs which make it appear more casual and accessible.
This typeface is a product of Bold Monday, a subsidiary of Monotype GmbH founded in 2000. Since 2005, Frank Heine has been designing it. The most notable feature of this family is its ability to convey warmth and friendliness that is usually lacking in most techno fonts.

A modern sans-serif typeface, it is full of personality and great for branding projects, advertising, packaging and more. Use Fontfabric Sans in your next design project, just click this link to start downloading immediately.
is a premium font family for everybody who seeks modern alternatives to common typefaces. It is suitable for any project that requires an individual look, be it posters, banners or logos.

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