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Clarendon Font Family Free Download

Introducing Clarendon font family! A great serif typeface that comes in regular and bold display forms. This remarkable font family firstly releases over the TrueType set. Fann Street Foundry took the charge for rights of this typeface in 1845, along with its elegant glyphs and stylish texture, it is very popular.

 The Clarendonian design becomes very fashionable quickly; copies were rapidly made by other foundries to become influential an entire genre of typography but original

 It is part of the typeface genre that emerged from it but also an influential one because this particular style became popular so rapidly

A great serif typeface that comes in regular and bold display forms. This remarkable font family firstly releases over the TrueType Set. A marvelous design, a perfect combination of elegance, stylish texture is too much popular

The quality-oriented company Fann Street Foundry has taken charge for this wonderful typeface since 1845 along with its elegant glyphs to become an influence on entire genre of fonts designs but it’s origin

Clarendon Font 


This slab serif font family contains 202 Glyph count and 1000 units per em. We ensure that you have seen that font before as various of the designers are practising it for their regular designs faiths. Because this modern, highly legible character displays keen features and awesome readability to make your texts look sharp!

 You might land here through some search queries for downloading those perfect fonts but let us welcome you by a simple download click function which will allow you to use it wherever without having any worry about licensing issues or nagging questions from autocorrects in Word docs when using Clarendon every time with no need of conversion on Photoshop & Illustrator files again because we know how much hassle

We know you’ve seen this font before and that many designers practice it for their regular designs. It contains highly legible characters, clear features, and awesome readability. You might be here because of some search queries looking to download the perfect fonts–but don’t worry- we welcome you with a simple click! Now get your Clarendon family instantly by clicking below:Clarendon font is free for download.

 This type of font can be used to create attractive logos, greeting cards, menus and many other things that you might need a clean text style with little embellishment. You may use it in the fabric industry too! If this Clarendon Font works well for you or if you think it’s valuable then share your thoughts below so we know how much people like our product before buying any fonts permanently from us.


The Clarendon Font is an innovative, creative font family that can be used for huge designing approaches so far. Create attractive logos, greetings cards, menus and more with this clean-looking typeface! We hope it will work well and assist you in fulfilling your clients needs.

If you think the Clarendon Font is valuable to you then share it with friends on social websites such as Facebook or Twitter (and please include a link back here!). And feel free to leave feedback about what fonts are best suited for which projects below – we’d love to hear from our readership!

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