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Chunkfive Font Free Download

We are introducing you to a slab serif typeface today, Chunkfive Font.

Chunkfive Font’s great features include unique and noteworthy characteristics. Released in 2014 by League of Moveable Type.

This slab serif features tons of great details and unique characteristics–and it’s even free to download right now on!

Chunkfive Font is a font that looks like it came straight out of the 1920s. If you’re looking for something different and are tired with the same old fonts, Chunk five might be what you need! Looking to use some new typefaces but have no idea where to start? Look no further than this amazing slab serif style – available now at League Of Moveable Type.

Display typeface Chunkfive was designed by renowned German font designer Peter Wiegel. The tradition of this remarkable family is increasing day after day, and it’s no wonder why – its output tone of voice is professional! It has too much clean text structures that make the perfect accompaniment for a variety of design tasks.

Chunkfive Font Family

The Chunkfive Font Family is designed by German font designer, Peter Wiegel. The Display typeface has too much clean and perfect text structures which are helpful for fulfilling customer needs. This tradition of this remarkable family continues to grow day after day through the history it left behind in Germany’s printing industry.”

Chunkfive is a typeface with clean and perfect text structures that are too helpful for our customer needs. The tradition of this remarkable font was first seen in the 1920s, but it didn’t gain popularity until it became used by NASA to display its logos on space shuttles and other missions!

Chunkfive Font is a casual, free font with two styles: Chunkfive Regular and Chunkfive Print. Each style has 95 characters of Truetype and Opentype features which provide gorgeous glimpses throughout the typeface.

In addition, this fine quality font family is available for commercial or non-commercial use to download in your device without cost!

Chunkfive Font is available in two unique styles including Chunkfive Regular and Chunk five Print. It features Truetype and Opentype, which has 95 characters. This modest font family possesses 170 glyphs while adding 80 international language support to the mix; we have got awesome insights with stylish textures throughout the typeface!

Chunkfive Font is available in two unique styles including Chunkfive Regular and Chunk five Print. Possessing the Truetype and Opentype features, both of these styles have 95 number of characters.

Another amazing part about this quality typography is that it’s free for commercial or non-commercial activities.

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