chopin script font

Chopin Script Font Free Download

Chopin Script is a new typeface that is inspired by the bold, dark, and dramatic typography used in posters, packaging, and advertisements from the early 1900s.

It is an exclusive typeface designed for Richard Lipton Poster Design by Greg Gazdowicz, founder and creative director of The Typeface Company. The font was engineered to work across a wide variety of media, from print to web to apps.

Chopin Script Font Family Free Download

chopin script font
chopin script font

Chopin script font is a linked sans serif based totally on vintage signage scripts obvious in Galeras of Buenos aires. It looks like Navidad and baroque script fonts.

A lovable font with a narrower space among characters than normal font. The amazing font comes with a particular layout and a big language guide.

The diverse font family includes 8 weights in 5 widths, plus matching italics. Chopin Script features 7 alternate characters (ch’s) with alternate sidebars that are well suited for use in newspapers and magazines. The family also includes 17 discretionary ligatures (FFs) for added typographic flexibility (french quotes, long vowels, etc.).

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