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Cherry Swash Font is the perfect way to spice up your documents. Not only does this display font have an elegant swash capital that will catch anyone’s eye, but its sweet curly appearance also makes for beautiful typography when used in semi-formal settings like business cards or magazines! This Russian female designer Miss. Nataliya Kasatkina took charge of designing it and releasing her for the first time in 2012, which made us very excited about seeing what she would come up with next on such a great-looking typeface.

Now you can create any design that your customers will love with this font designed for scripts. Most of the time, we see these script fonts cannot maintain a straight pattern like Maratre Font and Saldina compared to other letters such as italic or bolded text.

Cherry Swash Font Family

The Cherry Swash font is excellent for short or long projects. It has plenty of characters, which means that you can use this great typeface in all sorts of design work, from weddings cards to magazines.

It comes with OpenType features like bold and regular styles as well as 268 glyphs total (105 international languages), so your project will look professional no matter what it’s marketing itself on. 

This font is perfect for any professional and personal project. It has a SIL license, which means You can use it in magazines or books without attribution. You could also use this on cards at your baby’s birthday party if you wanted them to have the logo of their favorite game face-painted onto one side. At the same time, sporting flowers on another cheek like beauty queens after winning first place during Coronation Week’s last competition round. The Cherry Swash Font would work perfectly here because they go hand in glove together as floral companions whether found growing near streams where waters repeatedly find purchase against the wood.

Download the Cherry Swash Font right now using the download button below. Also, check out our recent post on Aaargh Font.


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