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Chapline Font Free Download

Introducing Chaplin Font. Do you want to design a project and need an amazing handwritten font? Chapline is the perfect choice for any type of design work. This Opentype-ready typeface comes with 55 different glyphs that are supported in many languages such as Arabic, Malayalam, Hindi, or Urdu.

Chapline is an astonishing handwritten font available in Opentype and Truetype formats. A very young designer Muhammad Faizal Said hails from Indonesia, took charge of designing and releasing it for the first time through the Ditoollis Project, after which success was tremendous within a few days.

Due to its highly legible appearance with vast language support, many designers start using it for their various purposes due to this remarkable font’s potential of being utilized on huge projects too!

Chapline Font Family

The Chapline font is a handwritten typeface with Opentype or Truetype formats. It was designed by Muhammad Faizal Said, who belongs to Indonesia, and released the first time via Ditoollis Project. After releasing, it attained popularity in just a few days as many designers started using this remarkable font for their various designing purposes because of its highly legible appearance and vast language support like English, Arabic, Dutch, etcetera.

You’ve been looking for that perfect script font, and you found it with the Chaplin family. This beautiful typeface has supported many international languages and comes in regular style only. All letters are drawn by hand to make every last one unique – no two will be exactly alike! Analyzing deeper into this type of style will prove or conclude your dedication as a designer is unmatched when creating these characters.

We’re not done yet, though. We also have some other amazing fonts available just like this one! Y

The Chapline Font Family is a script font with international language support and only one style, Regular. Analyzing deeper into the typeface will conclude or prove the dedication and experience of designers working on it.

Such as in creating certificates, a clean logo, brochure design, and much more relating to business card designs or printing in fabric. Using that font will also be an excellent idea when making quotes.

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