Century Schoolbook Font Free Download

Century Schoolbook Font

Century Schoolbook is a serif typeface that was released many years ago and is mostly used for making the content readable.

A sans serif typeface with attractive characteristics that makes the text easy to read but not suitable for business websites.

Century Schoolbook Font Free Download

Century Schoolbook Font View
Century Schoolbook Font View

Century Schoolbook is a set of serif typefaces designed by Morris Fuller Benton for the American Type Founders Company in the early twentieth century. It was one of the first typefaces to be sold with matrices for both upper- and lower-case letters for mechanical composition, and its design was influential in its day. The design has remained popular and is still used in print media as well as on the web and in ebooks.

The family consists of six typefaces: Century Schoolbook Std Black, Roman, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, and Monospaced. The bold versions were designed by Morris Fuller Benton’s son, Frank Nelson Benton, to replace those that had been previously made; they are similar to the original designs but significantly heavier.

The family has been digitized by several companies, including Adobe Systems (as Century Expanded), Bitstream (as Century Schoolbook Expanded), and Elsner + Flake (as Centennial).

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