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Canela is a warm and inviting typeface perfect for restaurant menus to magazine mastheads.

Canela is a limited edition typeface whose letters and numerals have been carved by hand following a unique pattern. The perforations added to the cut characters reveal intriguing graphic designs, like the fabric texture of the series, which are very close to the practice of traditional Portuguese Caneleira lace.

This modern slab serif came in 9 weights and was designed to be the perfect solution for editorial design needs. It can also be used for longer content, such as magazines and books.

According to a recent survey conducted by Commercial Type, 60% of the respondents said they don’t know what their handwriting says about them.

A typeface that defies classification, Canela is perfect for headlines and logos. While its form draws from traditional serifs, it’s also very modern in form. It’s appropriate for contemporary designs and vintage and timeless ones.

A premium all-caps typeface that combines a strong sense of modernity with classical qualities, Canela is versatile in everything from editorial design to signage and advertising.

Designed in 2013, Canela fuses a fresh simplicity with a confident modern character to form a typeface that looks clean and sophisticated while still being approachable. Its simple forms come together to create beautiful text blocks and headlines.

The bold forms of Canela permit moderate to heavy doses of copy to be set in a minimum amount of space. This makes an immense difference in content-rich environments like magazines, catalogs, and newspapers. In general, as the dosage increases, other choices become less legible.


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