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Cambria Font

Cambria font is a serif typeface that is a mixture of old and modern style fonts. It is downloaded to everyone’s computer for different use and can be generated using the Cambria font generator tool. Jelle Bosma created this font in 2004. It has powerful serifs and is ideal for small bodies.

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Cambria Math is a serif font that is widely utilized in numerous typing applications, and it is mainly used for printing work and small text bodies.

Cambria Font Family Free Download

Cambria Font View
Cambria Font View

Cambria is a modern serif typeface with a wide range of styles and weights available. It was designed by Matthew Carter and released in 2001 as part of the Microsoft Font Family.

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Cambria is a serif font inspired by classic American lettering of the mid-20th century. The design features small caps and old-style figures, which are rendered as large capitals or lowercase letters depending on their usage.

The family includes a wide range of font styles and weights, including italic designs with stylistic sets for Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers & Punctuation, Titles, Headings and Swashes; Outlines; and Ornaments.

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