Bismillah Font

Bismillah Font Free Download

The Maldives font has sharp edges and is a combination of a serif and sans serif fonts. Glamour is a normal, stylish font that appears quality in colossal titles and is intertwined with historical past factors.

Bismillah font family comes in usual, italic, bold, and small caps. Borg is futuristic, geometric, and bold.

Bismillah Font Family Free Download

Bismillah Font
Bismillah Font

Bismillah is a sturdy and flexible typeface with a unique calligraphic style stemming from the highly legible Naskh script. The family includes 6 weights; Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, Black, and Ornaments, as well as its corresponding italic version for each weight (except for the Black weight).

The typeface was designed to cover a wide range of applications, from captions to headlines and from text to display uses. It is also extremely well-suited for use in small sizes in body copy, where its high stroke contrast makes it possible to achieve an elegant result while keeping a good level of readability.

It has a large set of alternative glyphs, which help accommodate the variety of languages written with Arabic scripts, and its contextual alternates feature helps produce natural-looking typography.

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