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Barbaro Font Free Download

Barbaro Font is perfect for headlines or big displays of text with its rough, curvy serifs and formal Victorian design elements.

Iván Núñez, the designer of this typeface, took on a new challenge to design and release it for the first time. It comes in two weights, including roman style letters and western letterforms with serif strokes that have been specially weighted for each category, respectively, so they look different from one another while still being equally beautiful.

Barbaro is the perfect pick for any creative displays needing serif headline texture. With its vintage design and vast language support, Barbaro will be sure to impress everyone with its modern appeal.

Every stroke edge finishes with a slight projection. Additionally, for western weight, there is also some at the center of each letter.

Barbaro Font Family

It is a font with upper and lower case letters, numerals, and punctuation marks. For a good reason, the uppercase letter shapes are the same but slightly smaller than their corresponding capital counterparts. In small sizes, anyone can read them easily.

This font is rather lovely to have around, as you can pair it with any typeface. The most amazing part about this free download is from the Google Fonts site. You don’t need an account or subscription – head on over and pick your favorite fonts. You’ll find many more cool options like “Amaranth,” which looks pretty awesome when used for headlines.

Practice this font where you want. You can use it to design some logos, banners, or posters with a heavy look for a more dramatic effect on your project’s design- if not, then maybe try using it as video titling text at times.

The Barbaro font is perfect for any design. Whether you’re using it as a website’s title, games headlines, or business cards – this will be your go-to. You can download the free Open Type version from here, and True Type outlines such as “Hakuna Matata.”

Iván Núñez deserves praise for creating and maintaining this free font. We must tell you our experience with it in the comments below. Hopefully, you enjoyed this font and had a great experience.

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