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Baloo Font Free Download

The Baloo font set is one of the most popular sans serif fonts these days. EK Type, an Indian company that specializes in typefaces and released it for the first time this year 2017.

It’s a distinctive substantial spurless design with an unpretentious tinge of liveliness and all the basics which are required by any lettering artist or designer to create beautiful typography works like logos, branding projects etc.

At every character you can see such care was taken while designing it – from thoughtful placement on each baseline offset to small spacing between characters. This friendly font has perfect usage for single scripts as well as multi-script usages because due its consistent unique textual arrangement at least when comparing with other

EK Type designed Baloo, a sans serif typeface released in 2017, making it one of the most common sans serif fonts nowadays. 

Baloo Font Family

This font was designed by the Indian company EK Type. It was published for the first time in 2017. 

Its distinctive substantial spurless design with unpretentious tinge of liveliness has all the bare essentials of typeface that makes this affable font perfect for single and multi-script uses too, as should be obvious from every character on your screen.

In the age of globalization and increasing cultural awareness, Baloo Font Family is a font family which was crafted to represent Indian culture.

A remarkable font family with ten Indian scripts added to the Latin counterpart, is Unicode compliant and open license. Apart from this it has 1408 glyphs that can be used in 165 international languages. With these features Baloo makes a unique display font for any professional or personal use so click on the download button now.

Would you like a font that tells a story about you and your life? Are you looking for a font for your personal as well as professional use? 

Well, the Baloo Font Family is just what you need. This remarkable font family is available in ten Indian scripts alongside Latin counterpart. It also includes 1408 glyphs with 165 international language support (which make this display typeface different from all other font families yet introduced). 

This font is perfect for official purposes. It can be used in logo design, poster layout, movie titling and more. You’ll find it useful when printing on fabrics or card making too. And going to make Baloo great for website templates and video game development will also work nicely.

Baloo Font is a free font perfect for official uses such as logo design, poster layout, movie titling and more. This fine quality font has been specially made to be universally readable on screen or print which will make it useful in website templates too.

This free font is perfect for logo design, poster layouts and movie titling. It’s also great for official card designs, printing on fabrics and brochures.

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