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Sans-serif fonts like Bahnschrift font are used by designers because of their readability factor. Aaron Bell created this font based on DIN 1451, which is commonly used on traffic signals. This font has 8 different decorative styles, and every letter has similar width every style.

Bahnschrift font is a digital representation of DIN 1451, a famous Sans-serif font that came into existence in the early 1930s. It is used on different road signs and handwritten documents. The typeface Bahnschrift has 1 style, 8 beautiful styles, and is used by Microsoft in Windows 10. It is perfect for books, invitations, official documents, banners, logos, etc.

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Bahnschrift Font
Bahnschrift Font

Microsoft’s font gives you enough ease to use it on leading platforms. However, for other work, take legal permission first. If you want to use Bahnschrift for commercial use, you need licensing authority. You can install the Bahnschrift Font on your system and use it in different projects.

Title Bahnschrift Font
Founding FontShop International, Mergenthaler Linotype Company
Artist Aaron Bell
Category Sans-Serif
File Type Opentype & Truetype
Issued Date 1931
License Type Allowed for Commercial Use
Style Free Version
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