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Axis Font Free Download

The Axis Font from Brazilian designer Jean Wojciechowski is a clean and modern sans serif font available for free download. Inspired by the geometry of an urban environment, this typeface has quickly garnered popularity due to its charming appearance. 

The family includes six weights with matching italics: Extra Light, Light, Regular (the default weight), Medium Sans Serif text often looks elegant when set in bolder fonts like Arial or Times New Roman — but you can also give it more personality-plus using a heavier weighted face such as Book Antiqua! To learn how to install your new purchase go here .

Introducing the Axis Font Family. This attractive font family is designed by a Brazilian font designer Jean Wojciechowski. 

After its release, it got too much popularity in no time due to its tremendous attractive glimpses! It has quickly become one of Brazil’s most popular typefaces since 2014 and features sans serif fonts that are inspired by geometry from urban environments as well as rounded edges for an exciting yet sophisticated design aesthetic that captivates all eyes on screen or print alike.

Axis Font Family 


The key feature for this free font family is its high contrast between thick and heavy strokes which executes top-notch legibility. It contains 183 characters and comes only in regular style. Due to the keen features, these fonts have been getting tremendous success among designers around the world!

As a result of the keen design and clear format, this typeface has been getting tremendous success recently as it’s totally free for both personal or commercial use! Simply click on download button below to install these fonts for yourself now – they come highly recommended by professionals around the world who are looking for professional typography without any cost


If you’re looking for a font that looks professional, give Axis Free Font family download a try. This typeface is great if the clarity of your message needs to be legible and readable at both small sizes as well as large ones. It’s free so there are no barriers stopping you from using this!This amazing font is perfect for a wide variety of projects, including companies logos and invitations. It’s the ideal choice to print items such as wedding cards or posters!

The Axis font is perfect for all sorts of projects, from logos to invitations cards and more. It comes with a variety of weight options but can be best used in combination with other fonts or lettering styles too.

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