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The AR Cena Font is a handwriting font family designed to deliver the right notes of forthrightness, credibility, and charm. Arphic Technology Co. took on this charge when they released it in 2005 for the first time ever since its conception in 2003 by designer Jia Qi Shuai Lin from Taiwan’s National Chengchi University as his graduation project.” 

The main cause behind designing this typeface was due to an increasing interest among designers who desired more brush fonts that have realistic strokes with natural inkling effects” This type of design can come across multiple styles ranging from lining and text figures along with numerals which are very attractive these days. In addition, there are also some interesting characters, like some special icons.

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AR Cena Font Family 

The AR Cena Font Family is an engaging and detailed font with a variety of styles that offers the customer professional quality. Whether you need to convey forthrightness, credibility, or charm, this family can do it all while still maintaining its flair in design!

I’d like to introduce you to the AR Cena Font Family, which was released in 2005 after many years of development by the Chinese Design Institute of Science and Technology (DIST). 

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The main cause behind designing this brush script was delivering the right notes of forthrightness, credibility, and charm that is so sorely missed in today’s world where everyone has their own agenda or motive! 

In addition to regular letters and special icons, this typeface also has a few interesting characters that make up an indispensable part of any good design nowadays!”

A font considered to be well-balanced and harmonious, AR CENA is available in regular style with 218 characters. 

This typeface would make a great addition to any designer’s arsenal or perfect as your new go-to font pairing choice when designing correspondence of all sorts.

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Uses: This astonishing font family is ideal for official uses, business cards, title designing, and logo design. It can be used on certificates or fabric industries as well!

This astounding font family is perfect for official use, business cards, title design, and logo designing. It can be used to create a greeting card or print on certificates too. Operating systems like Windows 8 also need it as well as software developers developing games that are compatible with the system’s new operating features.

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