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Aller Font Free Download

The Aller Font Family is a sans serif font that comes in legible and unique design. With the sponsorship of publisher “Aller,” this classic typeface was created on 20 August 2008 for Danish School of Media and Journalism, with primary designers Dalton Maag Ltd. Once who will analyze it guarantees experience allegiances from its designer employees


The primary designer of this popular font was Dalton Maag Ltd., who also worked on it to guarantee the quality workmanship behind Aller Font Family.


Aller Font Family



The Aller Font family is a sans serif font with high legibility and unique features that was created by Dalton Maag Ltd in 2008. According to the author, it’s sponsored by publisher Aller. The typeface will guarantee you an experience of allegiances from designers who are working on this legendary font family.

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The Aller Font Family is a high quality font with beautiful ligatures. This free, humanist typeface comes in seven styles and has 666 glyphs to choose from.


Tired of the same old fonts? The font family has a variety to choose from and is available in 7 styles. There are 666 unique glyphs, 458 number characters, making it one of the most versatile display font options you can add to your layout. Available for both private and business use with no strings attached- just download this free humanist font today.


This font is a professional typeface. You can use it in any of your design projects to create logos, greeting card designs, invitations or official cards layout, brochure layouts and book covers.


It’s also perfect for movie title designers who want their work to look elegant and beautiful. If you love this typeface then make sure to tell us about it below – we would really appreciate hearing from our readers on what they think of the all-new AlleR Type Family so far.


With Alles’s extensive range of characters you’ll be able to create virtually any text-based design from logos for your business to unique wedding invites with family names on the front. If you like that magnificent typeface then make sure to share it with your designing partners in case they think it’s worth sharing too – wish you all the best luck out there 🙂


Aller is a typeface that will make your work stand out with its powerful and elegant appearance. It has many different language supports to choose from, so it’s perfect for any design you have in mind—such as logos, greeting cards designs, invitations or official card layouts; brochure layouts; book covers; posters advertising banners ads and movies title designs. If you like Aller Font Free Download then tell us about your feedback below. Make sure to share the font if you think other designers could benefit too.


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